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Legacy is a community based project by Tyne and Wear Archives Service, dedicated to the history and heritage of black and ethnic minority communities.

Historically the River Tyne had the fourth largest port in the country, attracting industry and commerce from all around the world and new communities alike.

Yet the histories of diverse communities are often hidden or buried from view.  Many personal stories from first and second-generation settlers, only survive as memories.

At Tyne and Wear Archives Service, we have explored our collection to uncover new stories and information.  We have also been making new connections in the local community.

Archives are a key to the past.

Two black seamen photographed by Roland Park during the Clive Street Slum Clearences in 1915Archives form a collective memory for their local community.  They can tell us who we are, where we came from, and the history of our traditions and values, contributions and struggles.

Public archives should represent every part of the community, to inform the present and future generations of their history and heritage.

Recording the information and experiences of first and second-generation communities who have settled in Tyne and Wear is of great significance.

If we do not create or preserve these archives, knowledge of the past will be lost forever and many stories will remain untold.


If you are interested in local stories of migration histories, Legacy web is a great place to begin!

But it is only with your help that we can continue to fill the gaps in our knowledge and build a complete picture of our shared legacy in Tyne and Wear.

NEW... Legacy an illustrated booklet for local community groups, individuals and organisations.

To receive your FREE copy, please contact us.



The Legacy website and publication was produced by Andrea Macdonald, Cultural Diversity Worker from August 2004-06