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Photogragh of Chandni members working on arts and craft

In 1982, the Multi Cultural Arts Group was established in the west end of Newcastle upon Tyne. The group was an arts and craft co-operative for women of different ethnic backgrounds, providing skills training and creative opportunities. Participants were encouraged to make objects and artworks, reflecting the range of cultural traditions and techniques from Newcastle's ethnically diverse communities. The production of such work encouraged women to work towards financial independence, gaining personal confidence and higher self-esteem.

The Multi Cultural Arts Group had premises at Todd's Nook Centre and Monday Crescent, operating across the areas of Scotswood, Moorside, Elswick, Benwell and West City. The group appointed an Arts Worker and provided networking opportunities for diverse communities.

Several exhibitions were also produced for Newcastle Playhouse, Newcastle City Library and in celebration of International Women's Day.

An annual report cover for Chandni, a Mulit Racial Arts and Crafts organisation for Women

In June 1991 the group changed its name to Chandni .  The word translates as moonlight in several Asian languages and has associations with women, strength and fertility.  Chandni also re-branded as a Women's Community Craft Group. 

The last Annual General Meeting of Chandni was in December 1993 and the group ceased activity on 31 March 1994, when funding from the Inner City Partnership ended.

Tyne and Wear Archives Service cares for Chandni's Constitution, Mission Statement, Minutes, Equal Opportunities Policy, Annual Reports and Accounts.