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Migration Histories

Migration histories can be told through a variety ways and means to reveal changing times and the evolution of local communities.


  Her Nails by Zuzana Hruskova as part of All4Corners

Personal migration stories may contain fascinating details about an individual's life through memories of settlement, displacement, contributions and struggles. One story can often represent the experiences of a particular ethnic community or generation.

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Knowledge and understanding of migration histories serve as an important role in society to challenge discrimination and negative stereotypes.

In this section of The Gallery , discover the information we have uncovered in our collection relating to migration histories  through some surprising and unexpected sources.


Read this...

Chris Mullard, Black Britain (Allen & U; 1973)

Available in the Univeristy of Newcastle upon Tyne Library

Padma Rao and Brian Lewis (Editors) Desh Videsh: Home & Abroad (Hindu Nari Sangh, 2003)

Available in Tyne and Wear Archives Service (Reference only)