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Reference MD.NC/347/2, HO.NGH/124/2-9 and 359/436

Economic migration has seen many individuals provide a range of skills and expertise in Britain and abroad, strengthening workforces and relieving labour shortages.

Bus Beauties charm Newcastle, an Evening Chronicle article about female bus conductors from 1962

  By kind permission of Evening Chronicle

Newcastle City Council's collection of articles relating to Newcastle Corporation Transport from 1958 to 1963, have occasional references to Black, Asian and European staff.

Busmen bar black firm driver (Evening Chronicle, 20th February 1958)

City Busmen protest over new coloured crews (Evening Chronicle, 24th February 1958)

Coloured Busmen get no special treatment (Evening Chronicle, 25th February 1958)

Bus Beauties charm Newcastle (Evening Chronicle, 1st February, 1962)

Bus firm is accused of colour bar Whitley man protests (Evening Chronicle, 18th December 1963)

The National Helath Service also provided training opportunities and jobs for migrant doctors and nurses. Newcastle General Hospital Student registers from 1940 to 1962, includes profiles of trainee nurses from Sierra Leone, Uganda, Nigeria, Malaya, Trinidad and St Vincent.

During the 1800's and 1900's, many locals including children left the area, emigrating to Canada, South Africa and Australia for better prospects. Tyne and Wear Archives cares for several papers concerning local training hostels and annual reports on emigration.

Poster advertising for British boys to migrate to Australia

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Roger Kershaw Emigrants and Expats: A guide to sources on UK emigration and residents overseas (The Cromwell Press Limited, 2002)

Available from Tyne and Wear Archives Service (Reference only)